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Wow, talk about hitting the jackpot! So much awesome Veggie Tales stuff I've never seen elsewhere. Just in time for my sons' Veggie Tales themed birthday!

Mary - Florida


I recently ordered items for a birthday party and I was SO VERY PLEASED with your service. I received my order promptly and I was very pleased with the products! THANK YOU!!


You guys are the best! You have things on your website that I can't find anywhere else. Your customer service representative was so helpful. My almost three year old is going to go crazy at her Veggie Tales birthday party. The prices were right, and the shipping was sooo fast. God bless you!
Mary - Conneaut Lake, PA

Thank you so much for getting the Larrymobile for me. I have already received the merchandise and it is on its way to Germany for my grandson's birthday on March 21st. He will be pleased beyond words to receive the toy. He was told that he may not get this toy for his birthday because it was sold out all over. But he was sure his Grammy would get it for him. His faith in me is quite extraordinary for a four year old. Thank you again, you have my business forever for my two grandchildren.
Thank you, Brenda - USA

I want to thank you folks for your great service. My order came on time and your customer service was excellent and prompt. I want to thank you folks for being so courteous and helpful. I will definitely use your company again, and will recommend it to my friends.
Thanks again! Ariel - USA Customer

I can not believe how fast the shipping was- AWESOME!! Thank You - I love the items I purchased and I will be back soon!! I have been looking all over for this item and I couldn't find it anywhere- you saved a little boys broken heart!!
Thanks- Melanie Lincoln, NE

KIDZ ON EARTH ROCKS! If you need a testimonial or reference from a satisfied customer, don't hesitate to ask. Our VBS shipment arrived today...including the Bible Memory Buddies! I don't know how you managed to do it (oh, okay, I do know ultimately how you managed to do it), but thank you so much for the timely filling of our order (in spite of my own poor timing!). I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Tim - Eagle Point Community Bible Church

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for the products I ordered from you recently. I purchased the Larry Boy loungewear and the Mix up Larry toy for my son for his 4th bday. When I saw you only had once size of the loungewear (a size way to large for my 4 year old) on your website, I called your phone number. I was very pleased with that fact that you were able to offer a similar item for the same price. I was so impressed how quickly the products arrived. I ordered them Friday afternoon and they were delievered Monday! We had the party yesterday and my son absolutely loved both items! I'm having a hard time getting him to wear something other than his Larry shirt and pants! Thanks for the wonderful customer service and speedy delivery! I'll definately order from you again AND recommend you to my friends and family.
Sincerely, Joy - A Satisfied Customer

Just a thank you for your help. I wanted to let you know that the items ordered arrived today.
Tim - USA

Thank you so much. I'm a Chemo Angel and have been with little Ethan since July, seeing him through chemo and radiation and everything thing else. I do appreciate you including the note, so he knows it is from his "angel".
God bless you, Anita - USA

I received the CD yesterday. My son loves it. Thanks for the quick delivery.
Theresa - Mesquite Texas

Chester - Conway, Arkansas

Thanks so very much...I would like to sub with the yummy yummy tape. I really appreciate that you let me know of the backorder and offered a sub. . .
Thanks again and Happy Holidays
Satisfied Customer

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I ran a search for veggie tales, specifically looking for the Larry Mobile. My son has been asking for it for months, and I wasn't even sure if it really existed. Your website popped up..and sure enough, I found the Larry Mobile (who knew!) AND an amazing amount of other veggie tale merchandise! My order was placed on Friday, and was delivered today...Monday! Amazing! Your site is bookmarked for future use! Thank you so much for providing a positive place for kids to go and for parents to find uplifting, educational and yet still, fun, toys!
Stacey - Gloucester, Virgina

Thanks for such a quick response. I look forward to doing business with your company again.
Kevin Griffin

Thank you for your prompt response to this matter. I love kidzonearth.org and will be ordering more online for Christmas. My son loves VeggieTales and your site offers so much more than just videos. Looking forward to receiving the PJ's. Thank you.
Linda - North Carolina

Thanks much, I am very happy with your website and the service . . . Thanks much, again I feel you guys have great service...take care
Scott & Teri - Minnesota

I so appreciate your responding to me (even if I got the news I was dreading! Ha!). I will start calling around.
Thanks again for your time . . . and God bless you, too!
Gina - North Carolina

Thank You so much for the great products at a great price. The shipping was fast and all the products are wonderful. We will shop with you again!
Terri - Chico, Texas

I just wanted to thank you for finding the Jonah replacements for my son. It was a bonus to get the rest of the gang, little did I know, Larry has come up missing also! Jack was absolutely thrilled to "find" Jonah! We have been looking (and crying) for him every day for the past 2 weeks, so you saved us a lot of heartache and tears! Thank you again! It isn't often that you get this type of customer service, I really appreciate it! We will be back soon!
Shauna :0) Kansas

The Wiggles bean bag plush have arrived. I am in love with Henry. DJ will be thrilled The little guy had a rough couple of years - chronic ear infections which lead to hearing problems. He can hear now and is in pre-school for speech therapy, all boy, but what a joy. Thank you for all your help and for going many more steps to make sure a little boy has his Wiggles.
Bless Louan - USA

Thank you so much for the super fast shipment of my order and for offering VeggieTales items that are not available elsewhere. My son wanted a "Jonah, VeggieTales" party for his 5th birthday, and your items were the hit of the party!! Thanks so much! I'll be sure to refer my friends to you!
Tahnee - Ohio

Thank you so much for responding so quickly and your willingness to send a spare wheel . . . I have 4 children 6, 5, 4, and 2 1/2 years old and I would recommend your company for years to come and will continue myself to purchase toys from you. Thank you so much and please contact me as soon as possible.
God Bless. Toni Ann - PA

Thank you so much for your kindness! That was really sweet of you to give me the price adjustment? We love your products and will definitely be doing more business with you.
Heide - California

Thanks again for such awesome service! I am looking forward to using your company again! I appreciate it and will spread the word about you guys. God Bless you!
Amber - Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for the Veggietale Border. You are a life saver. Received the product yesterday. Thank you also for mailing my visa receipt. Appreciate your web site and will definitely use it again in the future. Have a good day.
Nancy - Maine

We received our package today . . . that was fast! Our son is thrilled and I appreciate you throwing in the stickers and Penguins CD. Thanks again for the awesome customer service.
Trish - Stamford, CT

Thank you so very much for your prompt response and wonderful help! This evening I remembered a few more things I meant to get, but I will (believe it or not!) go back online eventually and try it again! Thanks again! Hats off to you!
Maribeth - Columbus, Ohio

Thank you so much for such prompt service. It amazes me to have things sent from Oregon to Maine in just a couple of days.
Lisa - Maine

Wow! Thanks for going the extra mile and sending us a new Larry Mobile! As I stated in my earlier correspondence, your company is outstanding and we are thrilled to do business with you. We will continue to reference your company and will share the example of the service you provide by telling the story of the replaced "Larry Mobile". Thanks again for helping us out. It is wonderful to find a company like yours.
Ann - West Bloomfield, MI

Your replacement arrived within two days! Thanks for helping to make my grandson's Christmas an enjoyable one.
Jan - USA

Thank You! Even with the mix up I did receive my package just in time to give to my niece.....she loved it. Thanks again
Stacie - Colorado Springs

Wow! What an awesome item! These are VERY cool and I very much appreciate you getting it to us for Christmas. Merry Christmas David!!
Andy - USA

TI just received my order today - WOW! I am very pleased with the product and the very speedy delivery. Thanks!
Michelle - Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you SO much for your rapid reply and your generous way of fixing the oversight. I have ordered a couple of times from KidzonEarth and will continue to do so in the future. Companies like yours make online shopping a pleasure!
Mike - Plainfield, IL

Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate your help and speedy service . . .
Trish- USA

Thank you for sending the Bible! My kids are eagerly awaiting their things and my first grader is so excited about the Bible you are sending. He is learning how to look up scripture in Sunday School and doesn't have a "real big boy Bible". Again, thank you. I will keep you in mind for my future orders.
Carmen -Ohio

We received the order today. Thank you for keeping us informed. It was actually a GREAT lesson in patience for my son. He was SOOOOO excited to receive the bible man mask. Thanks
A Satisfied Customer - USA

Wow! You certainly have the largest selection of VeggieTales merchandise that I have seen, and I have looked! What an impressive assortment. You have a wonderful site! God Bless You and keep up the good work.
Tracy - St. Louis

Thanks, the order took exactly a week to arrive. My David aged 2 and a half has been carrying the Larry Boy from the Larrymobile around with him all week. Hannah age 6 who had actually chosen the Larrymobile as her prize for completing her summer reading scheme says it is really cool and against all my expectations the 2 of them are managing to share most of the time. My thanks for your help.
Vivien- England

Thank you for sending me that awesome CD (Women of Praise with Point of Grace). I love it and listen to it all the time in the car! That was an extra special surprise when we received the Bibleman t-shirt! Thanks for your assistance! God bless.
Rebecca - Virgina

I received the parcel today. Thank you very much. Thank you for the Jonah poster and cards, my son will love them.
Kelly - Ontario, Canada

Thank YOU so much for everything :) We will definitely be repeat customers, feel free to email us any new VeggieTales products :)
In Christ, Tara - Ohio

Just wanted to say THANK YOU - I got the product already--WOW!
Erica - Franklin, WI

I received my order in the mail Saturday. That was super timing. Both my daughter and I were so excited!!! It is for my 2-year-old granddaughter's birthday this month. I'm very impressed with your web site.
Jean - Milwaukee, WI

Thank you so much for your company and the products that you sell. We have searched for VeggieTales linens in retail and online stores for over a year. Yesterday was an exciting day to finally find someone who sold the linens and every other VeggieTale toy and accessory our family could ever want. Thank you so much.
Nicole - Fort Gordon, Georgia

Love the website and the products offered. I'll certainly be back. Good luck with your site.
Janette - Chicago

I received my order today and I just wanted to thank you for the Bob balloon on a stick. That was a nice surprise and my son absolutely loved it. Thanks again.
Nicole - Hampstead, Maryland

I love what you've done to improve your site. It made my shopping easier. Thanks again, you're helping me make my precious granddaughter happy. ha!!
Linda - Illinois

I had been looking for a VeggieTale border and so I called the VeggieTale production people and they referred me to yall's website!! I was the happiest mother in the world!!! I have 3 children and I try to keep all themes of there restrooms, bedrooms and toy room according to the Bible and yall were able to make this possible for us ! Again thanks sooo much!!!
Christina - Austin Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I emailed Big Idea because I could not find the Larry Mobile or another Larry Boy toy for my son anywhere. I was desperate and Big Idea called me and emailed me with your website. I just wanted to say thank you. I was able to purchase them both from your site. I appreciate it a lot. My little almost 3 year old son will be a happy camper when his birthday comes. Thanks.
Mellisa - South Holland, IL

We received the VeggieTales Fisher Price character set yesterday and we love it! Thanks so much!
Michelle - Ozark, Missouri

Thank you very much. The items on your site, especially Bibleman are non-existent. Many things are available in Singapore, but for now, Bibleman hasn't made it here. Not many places will ship to Singapore, so we are very appreciative.
Donna - Singapore

Thank you so much for putting together the LarryBoy and the Angry Eyebrows video premier. Our family had a great time. We look forward to more in the future and in the mean time will be visiting your wonderful store soon. We promised our son a trip there. Keep up the good work and we will be praying for your family and the success of the store.
In Christ, Thomas - Portland, Oregon

This is my second order in the last few weeks. I love your site and am so glad to have found it. I have a son who is a Veggie nut! Thank you so much.
Beverly - Allentown, PA

Thank you for sending us another sword. We appreciate your company standing behind the quality of your product! We look forward to continuing this partnership.....Ok , that enough.
Jean-Philippe - Ohio

Thank you very, very much! I received the package yesterday. I am very excited for I know my daughter will love it! Also, thank you for the extras! You are a very kind man.
Kelly - Pennsylvania

Thanks so much for your incredibly speedy response to my problem.
Have a great day!
Heather - New Hampshire

Thank you for sending the CD's so fast!! They were great!!
Have a nice holiday season.
Teri - West Valley City, Utah

We received the VeggiesTales Junior Asparagus Bedtime Friend today, December 24th. Thank you so much for the great service - My daughter will be thrilled! Merry Christmas!
Jennifer - Maryland

Thank you for the speedy response...this is the first time ordering online...so far a pleasant experience!!!
Satisfied customer, Tim - USA

I just received my order! I'm so excited - the Jr. Asparagus night dolls are adorable, my son & godson will love them. Thanks for making this site available and better each time I visit I see new great stuff!!
Satisfied customer, Brooklyn, New York

I thank you so much for making sure I had the Bibleman shirts in time for the birthday party. The boys really were pleased. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.
Nancy - Mississippi

Thank you for the free Bibleman poster. Received order today. My son loved it!
Maria, California

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! My son is so excited that he will have his Bibleman "costume" so quickly!
Leslie - Lake Mary, Florida

This Internet shopping experience has been a pleasure.
AnnMarie - Garden City, MI

I visited the Kidz On Earth website today and found it terrific. What a wonderful website!
Tyson - British Columbia, Canada

Thank you for making my first online purchase an enjoyable experience. :-) God Bless
Tammy - California

THANK YOU! I received my order promptly---and I love the Veggietale Wall Border. Please pass my comment on to your customer service department. I was very pleased with my order and will shop your site again.
Shelley - Anchorage, AK

I'm very impressed with your website. easy to use, very colorful & interesting, and GREAT prices on products!
Web Surfer

We received our shipment this afternoon. Thank you so much for calling last week to let me know it would be late. It's so nice to know there's a real person behind our order, and we appreciate you taking time to call us. We will definitely pass the word about your site, and you'll receive our business again.
Thanks again and God Bless, Shannon - Texas

Mr. Almgren, Thank you for getting me my order so fast!! They were great, we had a wonderful Veggie tales b-day party. I will recommend your site to all my friends!
God Bless, Heather

Thanks for the VeggieTales updates!!!!! Please keep them coming. We love them!!!!!!
An appreciative family in the USA

With service like this, I will certainly continue to order from you as well as tell everyone I know (which is a LOT of people!). Thank you,
Sharon - A satisfied customer.

Wow! I visited your site - what a fantastic job you have done.
Bill - Orlando, Florida

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. For some reason last night, I just got the idea to try and find that game on the internet. Thankfully, I found you. We are looking forward to receiving the package. Thanks again for the speed service.
Linda - Maryland

My son, Logan was so excited to have won 2nd place in your coloring contest. He wears his Veggie-Tale shirt A LOT! Logan had been so sad before receiving the shirt because as you can tell in the photo he had an ear infection and THE CHICKENPOX!!! My poor baby. Thanks "KidzonEarth" for brightening up my son's day!
Annette :) Kentucky

Your site is wonderful and I especially love the Christian atmosphere! I've book marked it on my computer (even though I usually use my Links pages as my bookmarks), so we can visit often. Thank you for your efforts to reach out to children on the Internet! God Bless!
Wendy - USA

"Hey Pedro! I just wanted to applaud you on a sharp, clean website. I was doing a little Veggie shopping and looked you up after a couple other options and your site looks fabulous! Keep it up. You've got a good thing going."
Dondi - Vancouver, Washington

"I ordered some VeggieTales products for a little guy for Christmas. I had ordered them late so I was hoping they'd arrive on time. Not only did they arrive on time, but EARLY. I got them on Wednesday, 12/20. And the mailing had been upgraded to priority mail. THANK YOU FOR SUCH WONDERFUL AND FAST SERVICE. You're the best."
Julie - New Jersey

"Our Daughter loves the VeggieTales...especially "Larry" Boy. He is a real hit around our home. He will surely also be a hit with our 4 month old Son, Christian, down the road. Thanks for selling products with a solid Christian message that the whole family can enjoy! Merry Christmas to you and your Staff!!!"
Mike, Pam, Marissa & Christian - California

"I received the playground puzzle yesterday thank you so much, also I would like to thank you for the coloring book thats great. I will be ordering many more items for my son and his friends soon. I really enjoy doing business with KidzonEarth. Thank you again."
Josette - New Jersey

"I received my VeggieTales order today and wanted to tell you how HAPPY I was with it!! And how especially kind it was of you to hunt up a Veggie Tale t-shirt for me! I can't wait to take it to my granddaughter. She has an old one they found at a garage sale, and she keeps fishing it out of the dirty laundry. Well..now she'll have another :-) Thanks so much; I really appreciate your kindness."
Sandra - Colorado

"Thanks so much for getting right back to me on my question, and thank you for giving me a simple solution! I have placed the order and in the special instructions at the end, given the N.Y. address for shipping. Also, yes! I would love for you to gift wrap these things (individually) before shipping. Thank you for this added bonus, and for free! God Bless You and a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!"
Paula & Steve - California

"Yes, please substitute the LarryBoy dinner set for the Veggietale dinner set. Thank you for such personal attention. It is not very common in these days of e-commerce. And I really appreciate that you are sending this priority. We will have one very happy little 3 year old boy on Christmas day! Thank you again and have a blessed holiday!"
Julie - Virgina

"Thank you for the clarification and the poster. Both are greatly appreciated! I must tell you that I develop and manage Customer Relationship Marketing programs for clients to acquire and retain profitable customers. Your email is exactly the kind of attention to detail and customer care that I try to get my clients to implement. I can tell you that you couldn't score higher right now if I received a customer satisfaction survey even though I didn't get exactly what I had requested. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to me. Please pass on my email to the president or CEO of your organization and keep doing what your doing so well!"
Mary - St.Louis

"I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how THRILLED our granddaughter was with her Veggie-Tale dishes, book and t-shirt. She is not quite two, so she doesn't have lots of words to say, but when she opened the package she said "Happy!" And I was definitely pleased with the quality of the merchandise! Thanks!"
Sandra - Colorado

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! YOU have made a significant difference in the outcome of this year's children's Christmas presentation. The nearly 40 Pre-K children were dressed in their RED or GREEN T-shirts and WOW'ed the congregation. They children sang 2 Veggie Tales songs: "Feliz Navidad" and "While By My Sheep" (Jr. Asparagus). The 700+ congregation were on their feet! My daughter, Sarah, the Pre-K Director, asked that I personally thank you again for being such a blessing! Have a Merry Christmas and May God continue to prosper you! God Bless! Pastor Jerry - Central Christian Assembly of God Baltimore MD

I ordered my daughters 4th birthday items from kidzonearth and I could not have asked for better service!!! I had to call many times to ask questions and obtain additional supplies and I received OUTSTANDING customer service on each call. Thanks for not only selling a Christian product but for displaying a Christian attitude and service! May God continue to bless this business!!
Jackie Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you very much. I received my order on Monday--great service. We are very happy in our dealings with your company. Everything has been perfect. Thanks!
Jennifer USA

I really recommend everybody to order from Kidz on Earth. I found all Veggie Tales birthday party products for my son. And the best: On time!!. God bless you!
Satisfied Customer USA

thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to doing business again in the future.
Whitney USA

I was very surprised to receive my order so quickly! Thanks so much for your quick service!
Becky, Cave Junction, Oregon

Hi... just wanted to say thank you for re-sending my package. To date, I've had about 3 packages stolen right from atop my mailbox, all which have been Christmas gifts for my three small children.
Satisfied Customer USA

I had ordered two sets of VeggieTales pajamas and you were very kind to re-send my order and you treated me very kindly. I really appreciate that. I was recently in a car accident and ended up with a broken foot. I figured doing most of my shopping online was the way to go, but it ended up being quite a nightmare to say the least. Thanks for making a bad situation better! Merry Christmas and God bless you,
Rachel New York

. . . These were just gifts for our 3 year old daughter and she's happy to get gifts any time. The Veggie Tales CD would be great. We appreciate it and it will be used and enjoyed in the car with my daughter and my three God-sons that I care for on a regular basis as well.
Many Thanks and Blessings, Satisfied Customer USA

Thank you so much for the promptness in sending out my order and also for the note you sent on that great VeggieTale stationary. Not only am I distributing these bibles to the children in our ministry neighborhood. I replaced my "well used" bible and gave myself one, Why not, we are all children of the Lord. Blessings to you.
Cyndi , Pueblo West, Colorado

Just a note to say we are thrilled with the Larry the Cucumber loungewear. We received it 2 days after ordering and my 6 year old put them on right away. They are DARLING! Great quality and they run big so he will get to wear them awhile. He is a huge Veggie fan and you made his day. Thanks for the fast service. We will definitely shop here again!
Lisa - South Dakota

I just wanted to thank you for getting my shipment of VBS stuff for our preview Sunday out so quickly! It was here the day after I ordered it! Outstanding! You can bet I will be giving everybody I know your phone number and website info. You guys are AWESOME! Thanks again!
Beau - Redding, CA

I cannot express my gratitude enough! I was able to contact the company direct and even catch him on his cell phone! How's that for service!? The delivery time was unexpected. It was there in less than a week. I was so surprised to see that the items (veggie party pack, balloons, and a scribbler) were above and beyond the expectations I had. The same day I made the order with Kidzonearth, I also made an order with VeggieGear. Like I mentioned, I received the products within less than a week. With the other company, I was concerned when they had not shown up two weeks after I had made the order. I emailed the company and only received an automatic generated response. There was no number for me to reach the company. Finally, three weeks after I ordered 4 mylar balloons they show up on my doorstep. It was such awful service! I happened to call kidzonearth soon after the incident with the other company and had the BEST conversation with him. It was so great to be able to voice my questions and concerns. Also, I was able to learn about Veggie Tales being on Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons! Due to the friendliness, delivery time, personal interaction.... I will continue to do business with Kidzonearth every time! The product was great, the customer service was beyond great - and the information that I learned was equally great as well. Thank you so much for your dedication. I truly truly appreciate it. My daughter is going to have the best 2nd birthday party - starring Bob and Larry of course - ever!! May God continue to bless and reward you!!
April- Keller Texas

Just a quick thanks for the Boz book you sent along with my shipment of stuff! You guys are AWESOME! Im really happy business is going well for you! You can be sure Im sending as many people as I can your way.
Your biggest fan, Beau

You guys are great. I received the long awaited Larry PJs in the mail and unfortunately they were the wrong size. But KIDZ ON EARTH being the great company you are sent me another pair right away and saved the day. Thanks.
Cindy -North Ridgeville, Ohio

Thanks so much. We received the costume this weekend and my son loves it! He has been dressed up like Bibleman ever since he opened the box. You would have thought he won the lottery! The look on his face was worth the wait! Thanks again.
Renee - Satisfied Customer

I'm not sure if it's me or my 2-year old son Joshua whois the biggest VT fan in the house. Were we ever impressed by the selection on your site after searching everywhere. We were able to find party favors, balloons, and everything for his Veggie Tales party. And the service? I placed an order Thursday and received it Monday. WOW! Your site is bookmarked and we will definitely shop here again! Thank you.
Steve-Phoenix, AZ

We recently purchased the Baby Praise DVD. My two sons LOVE it!!We are so excited to bring them an educational product on a young level that carries a message of hope, belonging and love from God.The songs aren't that terrible kiddie sing-song, but real adult praise songs. I catch myself singing along!!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!
Vonda - Kansas City, Missouri

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